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  • Kathryn (Thursday, April 29 21 06:56 pm BST)

    Malcolm literally is the best instructor I could ask for! When I probably thought it was impossible he still had faith!

    Honestly couldn’t ask for better!
    Will miss the laughs and stories for sure!!

  • Yasmin Smith (Tuesday, December 15 20 07:36 pm GMT)

    THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!!! Can’t thank him enough, I passed so quickly and only with 2 minors. Going to miss my driving lessons with Malcom, as I always looked forward to them and were the highlight of my day. Would definitely recommend Malcom for his expert tuition.


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Name: Malcolm Hett
Home town: Yarm


07787 438854






My motto: open up all the roads to the future -learn the life skill of driving and don't look back

carpe diem – seize the day!

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?


If you’re about to start learning to drive a very common concern is how many lessons it’ll take to pass and how much the whole process will cost.

The average learner has an average of 67 hours behind the wheel; made up of 45 hours with an Approved Driving Instructor, and 22 hours of private lessons with a family member or good friend, according to The  Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

The amount of lessons you’ll need to pass your driving test will depend on a range of factors such as your previous driving experience, your age and your understanding of the road.

How much will it cost?

To learn to drive you realistically need to budget about £1,500. If we take the above guidance of 67 hours behind the wheel, below are some of the essentials most learner drivers need to get their full UK driving licence.  

Provisional licence


Theory Test Booking Fee


Theory Test Revision Materials (6 month full access)


45 Lessons with an ADI (at £24p/h)


90 days of insurance for private lessons*


Practical test booking fee




Are there any tips which could help me save money whilst learning to drive?

Whilst cost is a huge factor in learning to drive, it is essential you never forget that you are learning a life skill – and there are no realistic short cuts or bargains available when becoming a safe driver for life.

It is a really good idea to start studying for your theory test before your first driving lesson. The theory test is a great way to learn the rules of the road and essential car maintenance which you may not already know – helping you feel more confident when you do start lessons. Remember - you’re unable to sit your practical test before you have passed your theory, so you’ll have this pressure off your shoulders in time for when you’re ready to take your practical, and the costs will be more spread out too.

Another way to save money which many learners overlook is to realistically aim to pass your theory and practical tests first time. If you go to a test underprepared because you didn’t buy the correct revision materials, or cancelled your lessons because you didn’t think they were worth the money – you’ll likely find yourself back in the test centre a few weeks later with a lighter wallet.

Cancelling lessons close to the time of a test is very common; with many learners believing they’re test ready the moment the test is booked - which often is not the case.

A great way to build on what you have learnt, or prepare for future lessons is watching practical driving lessons to help grasp manoeuvres and understand different driving situations.

Start revising for your theory test now