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Name: Malcolm Hett
Home town: Yarm


07787 438854






My motto: open up all the roads to the future -learn the life skill of driving and don't look back

carpe diem – seize the day!


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  • Olivia Dobbin (Tuesday, March 03 20 07:44 pm GMT)

    Malcolm is not only the most amazing driving instructor but also the kindest man I’ve ever met. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every lesson spent with him, I recommend him so highly to anyone looking for lessons. Thank you so very much for teaching me how to drive.

  • Lexi Turnee (Friday, February 14 20 09:53 am GMT)

    100% my best decision was in choosing malcom for my driving lessons he is an incredibly dedicated and lovely man, he’s made me feel safe and confident with my driving. any one looking for lessons would be making a mistake by not choosing malcom

  • Jordan Hornby (Saturday, October 12 19 11:15 am BST)

    Would highly recommend Malcom, great instructor who got me passed quickly and feeling confident in my driving. Really enjoyed my time learning with him!

  • Rachel Meggison (Tuesday, October 01 19 07:58 pm BST)

    I've been anxious about driving for as long as i can remember but in April this year I decided enough was enough and contacted msm 2010 to start my lessons. I'm a "mature" learner at 35 and it's fair to say i was terrified at the prospect of what was in store, Malcolm turned out to be the key in helping me overcome my fears. Patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable he always put me at ease and reassured me that i was in fact good enough even when i didn't believe in myself. I am absolutely over the moon to finally be able to take my family places and that's down to Malcolm's skill in helping me develop in a way shorter time than i expected. I couldn't recommend him enough, I'll always be forever grateful for teaching me this life skill, thankyou !

  • Rachel Meggison (Tuesday, October 01 19 07:37 am BST)

    There are no words to describe how I'm feeling right now, I'm 35 and due to years of anxiety over driving i had resigned myself to the fact it was just something i would never do, however in april this year i decided enough was enough and contacted msm2010 on the recommendation of a past pupil. I will be the first to say i was a nervous wreck but malcolm was always there spurring me on, he is patient, encouraging and very knowledgeable. I can't thank him enough for teaching me this life skill in a way quicker time than i ever imagined. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend malcolm to anyone looking to learn to drive, thankyou again !

  • Anya Tremaine (Friday, August 30 19 10:28 am BST)

    Absolutely amazing! Malcolm gave me loads of
    confidence when I first started with him, and was always patient. He made my driving experience so enjoyable, I wouldn’t have wanted any other driving instructor. Thanks Malcolm!

  • Emily (Monday, July 29 19 02:17 pm BST)

    Amazing instructor highly recommend

  • Lois stoker (Friday, July 26 19 01:45 pm BST)

    Would highly recommend Malcom, he is GREAT, got me passed in 8 weeks. He is really calm and friendly which helped me especially with my nerves he was always on time. Wouldn’t of wanted to learn with anyone else. Thankyou malcom!!

  • Alex Dunn (Sunday, July 14 19 12:14 pm BST)

    Incredible driving instructor. Malcolm is so friendly and patient and teaches in a way that makes driving incredibly easier to understand. He helped me pass my test in just two months with 0 minors. I recommend him to everyone as he wastes no time and you will be straight on the road learning what you need to know from your first lesson. Thanks so much Malcolm!

  • Adam Paxton (Thursday, June 06 19 07:31 pm BST)

    Very good instructor, got me through quickly

  • Fenella Coleman (Monday, March 25 19 10:06 am GMT)

    Malcolm is an incredible driving instructor who makes everyone feel calm and prepared at all times. So kind, patient and clear with instructions! Can’t thank him enough for helping me pass within 12 weeks. I would recommend him to everyone wanting to learn to drive!

  • Amelia Busby (Monday, September 24 18 09:49 pm BST)

    Would highly recommend Malcom as a driving instructor! Unbelievably patient and so friendly and I felt at ease the whole time I was learning with him. He made learning to drive feel less stressful and more enjoyable! Thankyou Malcom!

  • Kelsey Alderson (Monday, September 24 18 08:32 pm BST)

    Really recommend malcolm as your driving instructor! So thankful for him helping me pass my test 1st time within only 8 weeks! Gave me the best driving experience and I’ll miss him! Thankyou Malcolm!😁

  • Rebecca (Friday, July 20 18 02:55 pm BST)

    Malcolm is an amazing driving instructor. I would recommend him 10 times over! He is very friendly, calm, patient and made me very comfortable! I was a nervous wreck and he helped me pass first time! Cannot thank him enough!

  • Amelia (Wednesday, June 06 18 07:29 am BST)

    Malcom got me through my test in just over 4 weeks, he was really friendly and always patient with me. I felt comfortable when taking lessons with Malcom and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who will soon be learning to drive.

  • Archie Drummond (Thursday, May 31 18 09:58 am BST)

    I Would highly recommend Malcolm to any learner driver, my lessons progressed quickly and no time was wasted, Malcolm is a great teacher Who helped me every step of the way also he was very patient when I got things wrong and helped me to get them right.
    Thank you Malcolm.

  • Sophie Dawes (Wednesday, May 16 18 08:31 pm BST)

    Just passed my test on the first go!!! Thanks to Malcolm for being a great instructor, highly recommended!

  • Franz (Thursday, May 10 18 01:35 pm BST)

    Wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Great instructor as he’s patient friendly and helps you develop your weaknesses. Couldn’t have done t without him.

  • James (Monday, September 18 17 07:37 pm BST)

    Big thanks to Malcolm to getting me to pass the practical test on the first attempt. I was able to achieve this within 3 months thanks to his encouragement and the high quality of tuition.

    His patience, understanding and professionalism is simply unmatched and this sets him apart from your average instructor.

    If you're good at receiving feedback and acting upon it quickly, you'll be able to progress well. His aim is not only to ensure you pass the test first time around, but also to encourage you to be a fairly confident and safe driver.

    After this experience, I can thoroughly recommend Malcolm. Overall a great guy and excellent instructor.

  • Jonathan (Wednesday, August 23 17 03:57 pm BST)

    A* Instructor! With no previous driving experience, I passed with Malcolm in just over 12 weeks!

    No time or money is wasted, you're driving from your first lesson and Malcolm is great at adapting his teaching style and using different techniques to help you pick up skills which you might be struggling with.

    Malcolm was recommended by friends and people spoke very highly of him. I now see why, very professional, patient and thorough instructor!

  • Laila (Tuesday, August 08 17 04:43 pm BST)

    Would like to say thank you to malcom, He is a great driving instructor, and was always patient and friendly, would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

  • Leena Mohammed (Monday, August 07 17 06:07 pm BST)

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to feel at ease and confident in my abilities. Malcolm's way of teaching allowed me to pass my test 1st time, even though I convinced myself otherwise! I am so grateful to him and I would thoroughly recommend learning to drive with him.

  • Dom Pugh (Thursday, April 20 17 03:07 pm BST)

    Malcolm got me through my test no problem. A great teacher and an amazing person. Now that I've passed I'll miss you buddy. Thanks again you legend. Dom.

  • Abbey Allen (Sunday, April 02 17 09:02 pm BST)

    Couldn't recommend a better instructer, really great teacher. I wouldn't of got through my test without Malcolm! Thank you so much

  • Lucy clydesdale (Saturday, April 01 17 03:50 pm BST)

    Would really recommend Malcolm to anyone who is keen to pass there test and wants to enjoy the experience! I always felt relaxed and calm in his lessons. Every lesson was extremely useful and got me through my test in 25 hours! Great instructor, could recommend him more.

  • Isaac (Saturday, March 25 17 12:48 pm GMT)

    Passed with Malcolm with a clean sheet - 0 minor faults, I couldn't recommend a better driving instructor. There's never a wasted lesson and he's always very clear when giving instructions, he really is a great teacher. Thanks again Malcolm.

  • Chloe Hardwick (Sunday, November 20 16 02:13 pm GMT)

    Would highly recommend Malcolm to anyone wanting to pass their test as soon as possible. Always felt comfortable and relaxed in the car as everything was fully explained. No wasted lessons, I was straight on the roads first lesson with not a minute wasted. Great tutor.

  • Maddy Howe (Monday, October 17 16 10:13 pm BST)

    Malcom is a fab instructor to anyone wanting to get on the roads as fast as possible!! There's no wasted lessons and I passed first time with only one minor, in under three months. He made me feel
    calm and relaxed while driving even when I was stressed, and gave clear, easy instructions to follow. Would highly recommend him!

  • Harry Best (Monday, October 17 16 09:12 pm BST)

    Highly recommended Malcolm for anyone learning to drive. Having previous instructors before changing to learn with Malcolm not one of them compared to the level of teaching Malcom offers. Absolutely
    great driving instructor. Passed first time with just 12 hours under Malcolm's teaching.


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  • Mrs Afolabi (Wednesday, November 28 18 10:55 am GMT)

    Mr Hett was recommended by a neighbour who has used him before.
    I can’t sing his praises enough. He’s a very kind and patient man and teaches very well according to my son.
    Thank you Mr Hett for helping Femi and for being patient with him. We really appreciate you.
    I would highly recommend Malcom Hett driving school to anyone looking for an instructor.

  • Alex Tebbs (Saturday, August 12 17 07:36 am BST)

    Came to Malcolm after failing to find a driving instructor who made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
    Passed first time and he made my whole driving experience less stressful and made me a better driver as a consequence.
    Thanks Mal!

  • Namith George (Monday, October 17 16 06:24 pm BST)

    Great Instructor!!! Recommended to anyone who wants to be a good driver in less time. His great quality is that he is so calm and teaches you everything until you are confident to do it on your own.
    I passed it 1st time with just 23hrs of lesson

  • Jordan (Sunday, January 24 16 07:03 pm GMT)

    Malcolm helped me pass my practical and theory tests both first time within a few months of starting driving lessons. Couldn't have done it without you, Malcolm. Best of luck in the future!

  • Megan (Sunday, January 24 16 05:29 pm GMT)

    Thank you for all your help when learning to drive and the patience you had with me! Would really recommend Malcom his lessons are extremely informative and productive but not stressful! Thanks again

  • Ben (Wednesday, November 11 15 09:43 am GMT)

    A massive thank you to Malcolm for helping me pass both my theory and my practical I would highly recommend to anyone

  • Josh Atkinson (Sunday, August 09 15 10:54 am BST)

    Passed my test with Malcolm, great instructor highly recommend.

  • Chris (Monday, July 06 15 01:38 pm BST)

    Excellent instructor, i passed very quickly. Would definitely advise others to use malcolms driving school. Much appreciated.

  • Abbie Foster (Wednesday, March 25 15 09:18 pm GMT)

    Malcolm has helped me to pass both my theory and practical first time within 10 weeks and only 25 hours, he could not have been any better! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to

  • Tom (Thursday, March 05 15 07:18 pm GMT)

    Seriously seriously great experience learning to drive with Malcom. First time pass due to his incredible knowledge an technique. Would recommend to anyone

  • Callum stewart (Friday, January 09 15 02:42 pm GMT)

    Passed my test first time with malcom in only 3 months and 30 hours of lessons, brilliant teacher highly recommend him.

  • Mhari Watson (Sunday, December 28 14 09:25 am GMT)

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with msm driving school. Malcolm has been extremely supportive and motivating when learning to drive, not to mention having the patience of a saint! He helped
    me pass first time within 4 months of turning 17. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor to any. that wish to learn.
    Thank you very much Malcolm and all the best

  • Jamie (Tuesday, September 23 14 07:33 pm BST)

    From a person who was scared of using 5th gear and beyond, to passing my driving test first time. Malcolm Hett has sucessfully shaped me into not only a roadworthy driver but also a more confident
    person as well. Thank you Malcolm for your patience and understanding in helping me to drive. You were truly amazing and I would recommend you to anyone.
    Many Thanks

  • Aidan Dean (Saturday, August 30 14 08:04 pm BST)

    From teaching me to swim as a kid to teaching me how to drive! Couldn't have asked for a calmer, friendlier guy! Every lesson is worth the money as you get everything taught to the very last detail.
    Malcolm's attention to detail is what helped me achieve a first time pass and I couldn't be more grateful!

  • zara (Tuesday, August 05 14 07:36 pm BST)

    i really enjoyed learning to drive with msm2010 driving school. malcolm was very patient and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

    i passed recently with 3 faults. i would highly recommend him.

    thanks malcolm and all the best

  • Amele Lala (Wednesday, June 11 14 11:41 pm BST)

    I have to acknowledge your patience, your professional attitude and your knowledge shared that boosted my confidence from a zero driving skills to a confident driver now after passing my driving
    test. I enjoyed every hour spent at perfecting my driving and now that I have my driving license, I sometimes can still hear you echoing at the back of my head reminding to 'forward plan' and to
    'listen to the engine and select the right gear'. Even though I lived in Catterick Garrison, the distance was not an issue since you still managed to squeeze in lessons for me.
    I can confidentially recommend Mr Malcom Hett to any new learners for he can guide/teach any interested learning driver from zero driving skills to a confident driver.
    Thank you once again Malcom

  • Michael Bowes (Thursday, May 29 14 04:47 pm BST)

    Had a great time learning with Malcolm in the mini it was loads of fun which helped me pass my driving test! Would definitely recommend. Sad that it's over now!

  • Josie Thurgood (Monday, January 27 14 01:25 pm GMT)

    Thanks, Malc for all the help and support. I couldn't have done it without you. Love Josie :)

  • Mikey (Sunday, January 12 14 09:36 pm GMT)

    I will start by thanking malcolm for helping me through my lessons and passing my test this year. Great instructor and explains everything fully and professionally.
    I picked up a few bad habits from a previous instructor but they were quickly resolved after malcolm was recommended to me.
    Would also recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons.
    Thanks again!

  • Megan (Friday, January 10 14 06:56 pm GMT)

    I extremely enjoyed my lessons with Malcolm. He has helped me to improve my skills and given me the confidence I needed to be able to pass my test. He is kind and friendly and immediately makes you
    feel comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving lessons and I am looking forward to doing my pass plus course with him soon!

  • sarah (Friday, January 10 14 12:55 pm GMT)

    I just recently passed my practical driving test! First time with only 4 faults!

    I'm 24 years old and have had two previous instructors, neither of whom made me feel as comfortable or taught at a standard that MSM offers!

    It was a pleasure learning with you and all the best for the future!

    Many Thanks
    Sarah Lomas